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Developing e-Learning in your School (Primary)

The NCTE’s summer online course, Developing e-Learning in your School (Primary), is now fully booked and enrolment has closed.

Information about any further NCTE online CPD opportunities that may arise in the next school year will be available at and in the NCTE newsletter.


 You can access the log in screen for the course by clicking here


The online course will be accessible from 9am on Friday, 1st July, 2011 - 5pm on Friday 26th August. All e-Tutor support will be available to you between 1st –15th July. You are advised to complete the course during this period.

An e-Tutor must confirm that each participant has completed the course. Course completion can only be confirmed by an e-Tutor during the specified periods of e-Tutor availability, which are 1st ¬–15th July and 15th – 26th August only. You will need to ensure that your e-tutor has confirmed your completion of the course by the finishing time and date of 5pm on Friday, 26th August, 2011 in order to be eligible for EPV days.

Course description:
This is a highly interactive online course, created by the NCTE, to support the development of e-Learning in primary schools. First run in 2010 and oversubscribed, it has been revamped by NCTE to include a focus on literacy for the 2011 summer course. The course is approved for EPV days and is suitable for teachers with intermediate level ICT skills. It is fully funded by NCTE to enable its provision free of charge to teachers.

The course contains videos demonstrating e-Learning in action, practical examples, templates and many other resources to assist in the development of a school’s e-Learning Plan in the context of whole school planning. It is aimed at all teachers in a school, not just Principals and ICT co-ordinating teachers. Participants are supported by NCTE e-tutors, all of whom are primary teachers with excellent ICT skills and experience of ICT integration in their own schools. 

20 hours



Target Audience:
All primary principals, ICT co-ordinating teachers, and teachers who are interested in planning for the integration of ICT in their class and school.

Participants should have intermediate level ICT skills and experience of using the Internet. A good broadband Internet connection is required, as is a Teaching Council Registration Number.

Course Objectives:
This course should enable participants to

Course content:
The course consists of a ‘Pre-course session’ which is an introduction to the course, the e-Learning environment and the other e-Learners. It is then followed by 5 modules:

Module 1: Introducing e-Learning in a School
Module 2: Reviewing e-Learning in your school
Module 3: Developing an e-Learning Plan
Module 4: Applying a whole school approach to e-Learning
Module 5: e-Learning in action in your school

Course Schedule:
Available from 1 July to 26 August, 2011.
Full e-tutor support will be available at the beginning of July and end of August (outlined above). A pre-course session enables all participants to access and familiarise themselves with the online learning environment and with their course colleagues.

Some comments from those who’ve already completed the course:
“A very well structured course where the course material was presented in a very comprehensive and thorough fashion. I thought it was excellent.”

“I got a lot from the course. I didn't realise what a great wealth of resources and support are available from the NCTE and I will be making use of them much more in the future.”

“The tutors were very willing to help and were easily contactable.”

“A fantastic course, very enjoyable and comprehensive!”